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Based in Nashville and servicing clients across the country,  our firm has a finger directly on the pulse of an ever-changing world. Our philosophy revolves around the idea that time is the most valuable resource you have and having more time to focus on what fulfills you most is the prime directive. We combine time-tested methods of asset protection with innovative new growth/diversification strategies with the aim of guiding our clients of all shapes and sizes down the path of Time Wealth. 

Our team brings decades of knowledge and experience to the table. Our connections in the business and investment community deliver innovative and creative solutions, unique to our peer firms. Our passion for our clients drives our unwavering work ethic. Through our compassion and ethical standard we strive to forever change the way you feel about your ally in the financial industry.

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Areas of Practice

Personal Planning

To get where you're going you'll need two things; an accurate picture of where you are and a clear map forward. Personal planning can clearly and concisesly break down all your goals and the steps needed to accomplish each one in a specific time frame.                                                                                                  

Company Benefits and Retirement plans

Navigating the world of employee benefits and work site retirement plans can feel overwhelming. What are the most impactful benefits and how do you know you have selected the best plan for the lowest premiums? How much should be employer sponsored and which ones should be voluntary? Our team brings almost two decades of experience in the benefits space and unrivaled knowledge of the health insurance markets. 

Asset Management

Your nest egg can be a vital part of your "work optional" plans. Guard it with vigilant monitoring and dynamic strategies that keep your best interests at heart.  Now and always.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Time Wealth Strategies

For clients who have addressed all the basics and implimented a solid strategy the question becomes, "What is next?".  This is where our firm excells. We provide custom platforms for you to diversify your portfolio beyond traditional asset management strategies and will integrate you into a select community of your peers, with a combined investment power capable of accomplishing far more than any one person could alone. 

Insurance Planning

The unexpected can arise at any time. What is the purpose of building a house that can be blown over by a passing storm? Prepare for the ups and downs that life can deliver without spending your entire budget on insurance products. Balance is key here and you need an objective team, not an insurance sales person.

Estate Planning

We believe your planning should be beneficial for generations to come. This has to be an intentional process and requires specialized advice to navigate the minefields that lay before you. Ensuring your wishes are carried out even when you can't be there to steer the ship is a concern we take extremely seriously. Piece of mind frees you up to truly live in the moment and enjoy all that this life has to offer. 


The purpose of life is a life of purpose
— Robert Byrne


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