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Benefits and Retirement Plans

At Sound Planning Partners, we believe in the positive impact retirement advisors have in preparing individuals for their life journey through retirement. We know the path to a successful retirement starts with  offering the right solutions to a retirement plan and ends when the individual sustains financial security throughout retirement. This is why our firm embraces the flexibility to provide retirement services at both the plan and individual level. Whether you need us to offer fee-based solutions as a fiduciary, provide financial education to participants or retirement income solutions, Sound Planning Partners is dedicated to providing the education and technology resources needed to move the retirement industry forward so every individual has the opportunity to retire when they desire.

Non-Profit and Tax Exempt Organization TEMP Plans

The tax-exempt market place (TEMP) is available to employees of public school systems and tax-exempt organizations that qualify under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code - such as non-profits organized and operated for religious, charitable, scientific, educational, literacy, or safety-testing purposes. The tax deferred feature of these plans can allow savings to accumulate faster than an after-tax saving program. Contributions from both the employer and employee are deducted directly from a paycheck and no taxes are due on contributions and earnings until the money is withdrawn, making it a convenient and efficient way to build a retirement nest egg.

Launch and Growth Planning

Planning for both the business owner and the business itself are an essential component to sustainable, long term success. Change is inevitable and the ever evolving business world presents unique challenges on an ongoing basis. 

We offer guidance at every stage of your business. From the initial business plan construction when your idea is in it's infancy to mid/late stage scaleablility planning. 


Custom Employee Incentive Benefits Programs

Another quality of our firm that makes us unique, is our desire and ability to think and function creatively outside of the box. Conventional benefits programs are key for an organization, but that's not where the story ends. Attracting and retaining top notch employees is a tall order and requires an innovative approach. Employers nation wide are taking a proactive stance to offer options that improve the quality of life for their employees. We partner with local organizations to bring you a vast array of customizible benefits programs designed to enhance your workplace, improve productivity and reduce time-wasting turnover.  

Your imagination is the limit for programs like - House Cleaning services for employees to free up their time after work and bring them back refreshed -  In office nutritional advice/meal prep services - Scheduled food truck availability - On site fitness/yoga classes - mobile detailing professionals - and many many more concierge services designed to free up personal time for your employees and improve quality of life.